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Adam Zampa’s Hand Warmers Reignite Ball Tampering Stir as Twitter Explodes After ‘Suspicious' photo

Zampa put his hand in his pocket, removed something from it, and rubbed something on the ball, before he was about to bowl

Social media site Twitter was lit up with footage of Adam Zampa fidgeting in his pockets during the ICC World Cup game, before holding the ball and walking into bowl, with many questioning what he was actually doing.

But the bowler was likely just using hand warmers when cameras captured him putting his hand in his pockets. The Australian camp has since clarified that Zampa had the small instrument in his pockets, as he has often been seen with during Big Bash games, and a few international games as well. He uses it to keep his hands warm and to grip the ball better in cold climate.

Australia captain Aaron Finch said, “I haven’t seen the images, but I know that he has hand warmers in his pocket. He has them in every single game he plays. I honestly haven’t seen them (the photos), so I can’t comment too much on it. But I know for a fact that he has hand warmers in every game.”

Zampa was not placed under any official investigation and umpires did not raise any concerns on the field as well.

But Indian fans took to Twitter to post videos and question as to what Adam Zampa was doing with the ball, tagging the ICC and asking for an investigation.