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Cricket Australia cut shorts duration of BBL season

Cricket Australia (CA) has shortened the duration of the Big Bash League by 2 weeks this year. This decision has been taken following the feedback from fans, broadcasters and players. The upcoming season of the BBL will be a 42-day tournament instead of 54 days, running from December 17 to January 27.

According to Alistair Dobson, CA's new Head of the BBL, the response to this decision of reducing the number of days has been overwhelmingly positive. "No one that we had in through this process has had any objection to the shorter season," he said on Wednesday (July 24). "It was overwhelming feedback primarily from fans, but players wanted to play more cricket in a shorter period and all our key stakeholders were on board with that."

Dobson said ensuring the vast majority of regular-season games were played during the school holidays, making them more accessible to families, was a major focus of the new-look fixture.

Australia are hardly playing any short-format cricket at home this season. And that has helped CA condense the season. This also means that the Big Bash will be the marquee event of the shorter formats in this Australian summer.

There was a feeling among the players and administrators that the last season of the Big Bash stretched for too long and hence this decision was taken. The Australian international players will also feature in their respective Big Bash teams for longer durations this summer which will add to the glamour quotient of the tournament.

In another change, franchises can sign up to 6 overseas players this season instead of four, but only 2 can start in a match.