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Michael Vaughan Picks Aaron Finch As The Best Captain At The World Cup

Michael Vaughan picks Aaron Finch as the best captain at the world cup

Defending champions Australia have performed very well at the world cup winning 7 out of their 8 matches.

When Michael Vaughan was asked to name the best captain at the world cup he told BBc test match special podcast that AaronFinch has been the best ca[ptain at the world cup.

He’s got a good bowling attack and some trump cards but I just like the way he squeezes in the field. He tells them to get really tight. They’re like hunters.

‘He’s been smart and clever throughout. He’s not been scared to try things and is the kind of captain that just wants wickets.

‘He never really goes on the defensive. He tries to get a wicket, first and foremost. The way he’s using Mitchell Starc has been great.

‘He knows exactly how to operate his bowling attack. Kane Williamson, Eoin Morgan and Virat Kohli have been great but I think Finch has been the best.’