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Sharing Trophy Should Be Considered In Case Of A Tie: New Zealand Coach Gary Stead | CWC Final

A very disappointed New Zealand coach, Gary Stead has urged that the rules to decide a tie be considered again and believes that sharing a World Cup in case of a tie in the final should be looked at.

England matched the New Zealand's 241 in a breathtaking conclusion at Lord's and the sides could not then be separated even after a Super Over - the tournament hosts only winning by virtue of registering more boundaries across the match.

While Stead was as magnanimous after defeat as captain Kane Williamson had been on the match day, he questioned whether a tournament that spanned 46 long days should be decided by such narrow parameters.

Stead said: "I'm sure when they were writing the rules they never expected a World Cup final like that. I'm sure it'll be reviewed. Perhaps when you play over a seven-week period and you can't be separated on the final day then that is something that should be considered. But that's one consideration over a whole lot of things that went on over the World Cup. It's a very, very hollow feeling that you can play 100 overs and score the same amount of runs and still lose the game, but that's the technicalities of sport."

"It's unfortunate it comes down to one ball right at the end of the tournament when we've been here for seven weeks playing some really good cricket. It will be raw for a long time," the coach said.

For New Zealand, who ended up on the wrong side of a World Cup final result for a second time, the game turned when a throw from Martin Guptill accidentally hit Ben Stokes’ bat and went away for four, and England were awarded six runs.

Former legendary Umpire of the year Simon Taufel said that the on-field Umpires Made A Mistake In Awarding England 6 Runs Instead of 5 for the overthrow.

Asked about the mood in the dressing room in the after the defeat at Lord’s, Stead said, "There was a lot of dejection and almost bewilderment around 'how did that happen' and 'why has it happened this way?'

"Everyone will react to it over time, but I imagine most of our guys will hit the wall for about a week or so and feel pretty down about things. But they shouldn't, we should be really proud of what they have achieved," he ended.